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Lower Carbon Emissions, Improve Fuel Efficiency, & Reduce Energy Consumption with SureMix®

Patented SureMix® functional process aids can support your sustainability and development goals by reducing your conversion costs and carbon footprint.

Formulate a Sustainable Future, Today

With the implications of climate change growing more evident every day, companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability and the impact of their products on the environment. Through cutting-edge technology, tire producers can help drive a safer and more sustainable society. They are committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through sustainable sourcing and reducing energy consumption during the manufacture of tires. In addition, tires are being designed to improve vehicle fuel economy and reduce GHG during the lifetime of the tire.

PSG has commercialized SureMix®, a class-leading line of functional performance-enhancing process aids to support sustainability and our customers’ business objectives. Using SureMix®, tire manufacturers can reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact while producing sustainable and superior tires.

Applied Green Chemistry Principles to Minimize Environmental Impact

SureMix® Chemistry – A Sustainable & Holistic Approach

Starting with sustainable materials, bio-renewable carbon content, responsible sourcing, and a drive for innovation, PSG developed SureMix®, a patented product line of functional process aids. Benefits derived from SureMix® support tire and rubber component producers’ sustainability and performance goals, positively impacting their customers, consumers, and the environment.

Tires produced with SureMix®…

SDG’s Supported by SureMix®

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