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Through our proprietary, custom products, and technical solutions, PSG has the expertise, knowledge of chemistry, and the capability to meet your exacting processing and performance goals. Our products combined with our expertise and capability have made PSG the Industry Leader in additives and release agents.

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Homogenizing Agents

Patented Promix® with NoMass™ Technology homogenizes dissimilar polymers & enhances rubber compound processability.

Rubber Process Aids

Patented SureMix® improves the processing & performance of silica & carbon black-based tire & rubber compounds.

Plastic Process Aids

SureFlo® is a multi-functional flow enhancer & homogenizing agent, formulated for use in plastic resins.

Chemical Dispersions

FlowSperse® improves the incorporation of difficult-to-process raw materials into rubber compounds & reduces overall cost.

Anti-Tack Coatings

Powder or slurry-based treatment is applied to uncured rubber to prevent adhesion during production, transportation, & storage.

Wood Release Agents

TechKote® is chemically designed to be non-corrosive to platens without reducing release capacity in OSB, MDF, & PB applications.

Flame Retardants

SASCO® CHAR FR is a fire-retardant additive for engineered wood/composite panel products. Spray onto wood fibers, chips, or strands.

Automation Equipment

PSG’s State-of-the-art automated dilution systems maintain target concentration in the process tank.

Custom Solutions

Don’t see what you’re looking for? PSG partners with customers to develop custom products for their specific needs.

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