PSG Announces First of Two-Part Webinar On Overcoming Processing Challenges for Rubber & Tire Industries

CLEVELAND, OH (May 25, 2023) — Polymer Solutions Group (PSG), a polymer additive, dispersion, and release agent manufacturer, today announces that Aaron Puhala, Vice President of Innovation, and Dr. Rikki Lamba, Managing Director, Additives, are presenting a webinar titled “Overcoming Processing Challenges (Part 1) – Formulate Without Compromise.” The live webinar, hosted by Rubber News, is scheduled for September 13, 2023, from 8:30–9:30 a.m. EDT. Registration is free; registrants will receive access to the webinar recording and additional post-event resources. PSG encourages industry professionals to sign up now so they don’t miss this important event. This webinar is the third installment in a series designed to help tire and rubber parts producers meet their sustainability and performance goals and aspirations.

PSG Webinar: Overcoming Processing Challenges (Part 1) - Formulate Without Compromise September 13 2023Presented by industry leaders at PSG, the webinar tackles the evolving demands of high-performance materials that shape the tire and rubber sector. The relentless pursuit of product durability, fuel efficiency, and enhanced safety standards, encompassing traction and braking, underscores this pivotal event. Notably, sustainability is the driving force for many tire and rubber companies, and the webinar introduces SureMix®, an ingenious class of biocarbon-based performance process aids that empowers compounders to achieve formulations that leave no room for compromise.

“Tire producers, at the forefront of sustainable mobility, are embracing cutting-edge solutions such as functional polymers, high surface area fillers, and increased silica loadings to enhance fuel economy and safety,” said Mr. Puhala. “However, these strides in product performance have manufacturing cost penalties that are driven by high viscosities, long mixing times, and downstream processing issues.”

This webinar dives into strategies for overcoming the viscosity and processing hurdles resulting from higher Silica content and higher Mooney viscosity functional solution SBR polymers. Expect in-depth insights from PSG, inventors of SureMix®, the performance-optimizing process additives poised to revolutionize rubber compounding. SureMix® not only enhances processability but also slashes mixing costs and improves extrusion quality, all while preserving or enhancing critical properties vital to product durability and performance.

Primary Topics:

  1. Pioneering Sustainability in Rubber: Tire and rubber industry leaders are driving a sustainability revolution. With SureMix®, a new class of biocarbon-based performance process aids, compounders can develop formulations that perfectly align with demands for product life, fuel economy, safety, and sustainability.
  2. Overcoming Silica & Functional Polymer Challenges: Engage with experts as they dissect the complexities tied to high silica loadings and higher Mooney functional solution SBR formulations. Gain actionable strategies to mitigate extended mixing times, downstream intricacies, and viscosity issues, ensuring optimal rubber compound performance.
  3. Formulate Without Compromise: Delve into the game-changing capabilities of SureMix®. This novel chemistry is engineered to elevate processability, reduce mixing costs, increase shelf life, and enhance extrusion outcomes without compromising the durability of the end product.

After the presentation, Joe Pryweller from Rubber News will moderate a brief Q&A with Puhala and Dr. Lamba.

Those interested in attending the free webinar can register through at Unable to attend live? Register now and receive access to the recorded session after the webinar.

About the Presenters
Aaron Puhala (Vice President, Innovation, PSG) — Mr. Puhala has over 25 years of experience in polymer additive technology, tire material design, and innovation. As PSG’s Vice President of Innovation, Mr. Puhala leads the innovation, research, and development of functional performance aids for the rubber market. Mr. Puhala received his MBA from Kent State University and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from The University of Akron. He holds over 35 U.S. patents and counting.

Dr. Rikki Lamba (Managing Director, Additives, PSG) — Dr. Lamba has over 25 years of experience in technology, business leadership, and marketing. As PSG’s Managing Director of Additives, Dr. Lamba leads PSG’s global expansion and development into new markets and applications. Awarded his doctorate in Polymer Science from the University of Akron, Dr. Lamba holds three U.S. patents on carbon black and dispersion additives. He came to Polymer Solutions Group from Alpha Technologies, where he was Vice President and General Manager for Alpha’s global instrument business. Before Alpha Technologies, he was Vice President of North American Operations for Smithers Rapra and Smithers Pira.

About Rubber News
Founded in 1971, Rubber News serves rubber product manufacturers primarily engaged in the production of tires and inner tubes, footwear, reclaimed rubber, hose and belting, fabricated rubber products, rubber adhesives, and wire and cable products. Rubber News readers include executives, managers, engineers, and chemists involved in research and development, quality control, operations and production, engineering testing and analysis, purchasing, and sales and marketing. Also served are suppliers, consultants, independent laboratories, manufacturers not specified as primary rubber product producers, and OEM users of rubber components and universities. Visit to learn more.

About Polymer Solutions Group
PSG is an innovative manufacturer of class-leading proprietary and custom polymer additives, dispersions, and release agents for the rubber, plastic, and engineered wood industries. PSG offers a variety of customer-centric solutions that meet exacting specifications, provide superior performance characteristics, enhance processing efficiency, optimize supply chains, and lower overall costs. Trusted by the world’s leading companies in over 50 countries, our unparalleled products and application expertise cannot be matched by any other supplier.

Click here to learn more about SureMix® process aids.

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