Formulate a Sustainable Future, Today with SureMix®. with SureMix®. with SureMix®.

Learn how SureMix® functional process aids can support your sustainability and development goals by reducing your conversion costs and carbon footprint. 

Patented SureMix® Functional Process Aids Set a New Benchmark in Rubber Processing & Performance.

With the implications of climate change growing more evident every day, tire producers can help drive a safer and more sustainable society through cutting-edge technology. They are committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through sustainable sourcing and by reducing energy consumption during the manufacture of tires. They are also designing tires with lower rolling resistance, which contributes to improved vehicle fuel economy and a further reduction in GHG during the lifetime of the tire.

PSG remains committed to developing customer-centric solutions to meet these critical challenges. For example, PSG has introduced SureMix®, a class-leading line of functional performance-enhancing process aids that improves mixing and processing efficiency while improving tire rolling resistance and wet traction. Using SureMix® tire manufacturers are reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact while producing sustainable and superior tires.

Tires produced with SureMix®…

  • Consume less energy during manufacturing
  • Generate less waste and volatile organic chemicals
  • Increase vehicle fuel economy
  • Enable production of safer and longer-lasting tires

If you need to optimize silica compound processing without compromising performance, We Can Help. Contact us today to get more information, samples, and pricing.

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