Polymer Solutions Group Featured in July Issue of Tire Technology International Magazine

Dr. Rikki Lamba, Managing Director of Additives at PSG discusses the latest developments in additives and dispersions that help tire manufacturers overcome their biggest silica challenges for the July issue of Tire Technology International.

“Everybody is using higher silica loadings,” says Lamba, “but they struggle to cost-effectively mix and process it. SureMix CO2 reduces the viscosity of a 100phr silica compound to that of an 80phr compound. Furthermore, rolling resistance also approaches that of an 80phr compound. Therefore one can achieve the wet-rip benefits without the associated viscosity, processing, and rolling-resistance penalties of higher silica loading.”

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About SureMix CO2
SureMix® performance-enhancing process aids address the need to make high silica compounds softer and easier to process while improving the stiffness of the compound after it’s cured. The product line delivers four key performance benefits:

  • Improved Green Compound Stability – Due to rapid flocculation after mixing, silica compounds exhibit poor viscosity stability limiting green compound shelf life. SureMix® reduces the rate of flocculation and hence improves green compound shelf life.
  • Higher Low Strain Dynamic Modulus – When compared to carbon black compounds silica compounds inherently have a lower dynamic and low strain modulus, this detrimentally affects handling. The addition of a conventional process aid further reduces the modulus. SureMix®, depending on the grade, can maintain or even increase the modulus, thus improving handling and the cornering coefficient.
  • Better Fuel Economy – SureMix® reduces hysteresis, enhancing fuel economy. During the vulcanization process, a novel secondary network is created. This network helps enhance the modulus while reducing hysteresis.
  • Improved Micro-Dispersion – Silica micro-dispersion is improved as SureMix® associates with the silica surface providing direct hydrophobation. Secondly, SureMix® catalyzes silanization making more efficient use of the silane resulting in optimized properties and maximized tread life.

SureMix® not only excels at silica compound performance, but it transforms the process by reducing mixing times, lowering processing costs, and optimizing cure rates. Using SureMix® helps ensure the highest performing tread compounds can be delivered with improved processability at the lowest manufacturing cost.

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