Polymer Solutions Group Unveils New Patented Line Of SureMix® Performance Enhancing Process Aids, Sets Benchmark In Rubber Compound Processing

CLEVELAND, OH (October 12, 2017) — Specialty polymer and polymer additives manufacturer, Polymer Solutions Group (PSG), unveils a new line of patented performance-enhancing process aids and global strategy at the 2017 International Elastomer Conference (booth #1945).  

SureMix®, the new line of patented performance-enhancing process aids answer today’s Silica challenges in rubber compound processing. Developed for tire and rubber component manufacturers to reduce mixing time and processing costs; increase green compound shelf-life; reduce energy consumption; increase Silica loading or surface area; lower rolling resistance; and enhance tire handling and wet grip.

PSG Vice President of Innovation, Aaron Puhala commented, “SureMix® performance process aids enable tire manufacturers to leverage silica technology to its fullest potential. From ultra-low rolling resistance tires with superior handling to very highly loaded silica treads delivering premium-level wet traction. Using SureMix helps ensure the highest performing tread compounds can be delivered with improved processability at the lowest manufacturing cost.”

PSG’s global strategy is to become an innovative leader of high-value niche solutions serving customers in the rubber, wood, consumer, construction, and medical industries, through the combined effort of targeted acquisitions, customer expansion, and development of new innovative products. Aligning the synergies of each company into one global operation will ensure the same customer-centric solutions, leading-edge innovations, quality, and local support are delivered to customers across the globe.

According to Mike Ivany, President and CEO of PSG, “Establishing a more unified visual identity for PSG will also strengthen our ability to gain greater recognition and develop stronger business relationships within the specialty chemical market. As affiliated companies, we have been working together for over two years to support our customers and our business, and the use of a common global brand is the natural next step.”


PSG delivered the following presentations:

Expo Theater Presentation: Getting to Know PSG (Oct. 10, 2017)
Focused on specialty polymers and polymer processing, PSG is committed to assembling the industry’s best talent, delivering the most innovative technologies, and solving its customer’s toughest challenges. Founded on the entrepreneurial spirit of established market leaders (Flow Polymers, SASCO Chemical, Peach State Labs, and Alkon Solutions), PSG will expand its global footprint by focusing on customer service, employee safety and process excellence to develop and deliver superior innovative products. Join this presentation to learn more about PSG and how partnering with their team of experts can help improve your processing, protect your properties, and enhance your performance.

Technical Session: SureMix CO² Performance Process Aid for Highly Loaded Silica Tread Compounds (Oct. 10, 2017)
Tire manufacturers are continuously seeking new material technologies that can be leveraged to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements for improved fuel economy and wet braking demanded by vehicle manufacturers and tire-buying consumers. Material designers have learned to use very high levels of silica (90phr or more) to achieve these objectives, but at a substantial cost to compound processability. Most process aids, when used with very high silica loadings, can retard cure and degrade performance properties. Focusing squarely on the needs of tire materials developers and their customers, Flow Polymers has developed SureMix CO². The novel chemistry of SureMix CO² enables the development of highly processable tread compounds with substantially improved wet traction and fuel economy performance. The authors will illustrate how SureMix CO², when used in highly loaded silica tread formulations, can improve processability while enhancing wet traction and fuel economy.


About the International Elastomer Conference
The show is an annual event by the Rubber Division of the ACS (American Chemical Society), an international association of chemists, engineers, technicians, scientists, plant managers, sales and marketing professionals and others in the rubber, polymer or related fields within industry, academia and government.

About Polymer Solutions Group
PSG is an innovative manufacturer of proprietary and custom polymers, additives, and performance chemicals for the rubber, wood, consumer, construction, and medical industries. PSG offers a variety of customer-centric solutions that improve polymer processing, increase surface protection, and enhance product performance. With the synergies of four companies, Flow Polymers (Cleveland, OH), SASCO Chemical (Albany, GA), Peach State Labs (Rome, GA), and Alkon Solutions (Leeds, UK), PSG is dedicated to customer service, employee safety, process excellence, and the continuous development of novel, optimum solutions for our customers. For additional information on PSG, please fill out our contact form.


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